Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where do I fit in?

So much great information on all the travel blogs out there. Taking it all in as I am trying to set up my own ground rules for this blog. What to share, how much to share, how much is TMI!?!  Our situation is a bit different than other travelers but we don't like to dwell on those differences. I don't want this to become a place I rant about the medical field and all its failings or whine about our fate.  My husband's health does affect our travel though so I can't ignore it.

Where do I (we) fit in? Almost all the travel blogs I read (as well as the tweets) are so positive. Everything is great, no one seems to have a full time job , they aren't making any money in the travel world,  yet they travel to exotic places and have a great time. All the cancer blogs are way too depressing. Memorials, caregiver-saints, little kids suffering. People fighting valiant battles. I guess its supposed to be a comfort, but mostly it just keeps me up at night.  I am hoping this blog will fall somewhere in between. Don't expect too much of that valiant battle stuff here. I'm a realist and although I live and travel in denial, I won't be sugar coating things. If anyone is looking for inspiration on how cancer makes you a better person, blah blah blah ... you won't find it here. Cancer SUCKS! There is no way around it. If there are people out there saying cancer is a blessing and if that is their denial path , I wish them well but it won't happen here. Cancer, at best, is a tremendous pain, physically,emotionally and financially. At it's worst, it is a thief and a killer. It robs you of your health, your dignity, your money, your relationships and finally your life. Believe me it doesn't make your life better. What it does do is help you set your priorities. When my husband first became ill, I decided 2 things:Number 1) I would find him the best care possible, with the greatest chance of prolonging his life, hoping that new options would be out there and 2) We would do what ever he wanted to do whenever he wanted to, without robbing a bank of course. So far those 2 priorities have guided us through. He has one of the top Pancreatic Cancer docs on the east coast and in the last 2 1/2 years he has been to the Kentucky Derby twice, hit golf balls at St Andrews in Scotland and been on the Vegas Strip probably more than some Vegas natives. We are not looking to inspire ,we are just looking to live. If there is any goal here, it is that I don't want anyone to say my husband is dying from cancer and I don't want anyone to say he is surviving with cancer. I just want  people to know he is living and living a pretty good life.

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