Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Am I really that difficult?

Am I really that difficult? No wait, don't answer that. Especially if you are my husband. I say no I am not difficult, I just want things to go right every once in a while. Now we are not top of the line travelers and I am a backpacker wannabe so I don't need a 4-5 star hotel or restaurant. Goodness knows I can camp out at Sloan's ICU waiting room for weeks at a time so I don't need princess treatment. That being said, when I pay what I consider  $$$ , I want it to be worth the price. After  spending last night at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas I feel a "difficult" moment coming on.  The whole purpose of the Cosmopolitan was to mix a little luxury into our cross country trip.We have driven from the east coast with a few stops in your average hotels and sometimes just driving through the night, crashing at rest stops for a few hours.. We are visiting friends, seeing national parks and spending some time with family at their lake house. Most of the trip plan, while not camping, is outdoorsy and  not luxury.   I planned on one night of a nice suite, a decent dinner, some gambling ( mostly for the one who thinks I'm difficult)  and most of all, time at the pool. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan the week they opened and even though it was winter the pool was open and wonderful. It was my current winner of  best pool in Vegas. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas promised me a good time. They told me so in the email they sent me. See-" Suffice it to say, we've gone to great lengths to make certain your stay is the single-most meaningful, memorable, and thoughtful visit you've ever had to our city." Well memorable can mean many things. Did they mean good memories or bad? Right now the memory is fresh and bad. It started with booking, continued with check-in and I would like to say ended with check out but they are still holding money on my credit card and the wonderful manager who was supposed to contact me 5 hours ago still has not. Now I'm not saying the place was bad, but it wasn't wonderful and I wanted wonderful. Am I difficult because I want wonderful? I understand it was a holiday weekend but I really lose my patience waiting in a long , non-moving line just to hand my money over to check in. I don't appreciate waiting an hour for my luggage to be sent up and sub-par AC and a cracked mirror in a suite in a new hotel. I realize (at least on my higher levels) that I can't blame the hotel for the weather but I want to. Most of all I want to find the idiots who threw bottles off their terrace causing the pool to be closed for almost the entire sunny part of our stay. All this plus crowds and long waits for restaurants added up to a night with more stress than rest. Not wonderful. So am I wrong to want wonderful or am I just being difficult?

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