Friday, July 15, 2011

On our way

The dark cloud that follows me. Here it is on 80 in Wyoming.
We are on our way back east. And not too happily for me. It is a long, long car ride after my Rodeo trick. We are booking though. At a 1000 miles a day this could be a shorter trip than a flight with serious weather delays, My husband ( you know the one who is supposed to be sick, but is doing better than me right now) is in super driver mode so we are going to keep moving. For anyone who has never driven with a super driver, I will explain. This is a person who is goal oriented and the goal is to get somewhere quickly. Side trips are out. Extra rest stops and god forbid the sit down restaurant, out. You can not pry this persons hands off the steering wheel. Right now I am in no condition to argue so I am sitting back trying to enjoy the view and letting super driver do his thing. I did get him to stop and look at some buffalo this morning so that was an achievement. So far a smooth trip. Loads of construction, but no big delays. The weather has been mostly decent. My weather friends from across the country and the pond tell me we have great weather driving across, yet I already managed to make it rain in Wyoming.

My biggest complaint besides not being able to get out of the car with out help and the fact that we are heading towards New Jersey, is the food.The Rt 80 food has been crap. It is to be expected. Don't plan on a good eating time as a vegetarian traveling through beef country. I usuallly prepare better but because I was barely moving I didn't get food in California to take with us. I wish there was something other than a Subway at every single exit.

So I'm sitting here starving at a rest stop (with WiFi) while the super driver tries to sleep. Figured I would share my complaints.Some interesting things to note at this rest stop. Large man in bright pink shirt is here. I swear this guy is following us . I have seen him since Elko, Nevada and again at almost every other gas station and rest stop since.You can blame the 70 or so Advil I have taken on this trip for my paranoia, but how many 350 pound men in bright pink shirts can there be? If he is trying to be discrete, he needs to change his shirt. Also there is a guy sleeping on the ground in the road next to his motorcycle, which is next to our car. In all my rest stop experiences, and there have been way too many, this is a first. Things to discuss with this gentleman:

A.There are a million bugs crawling around. Take your sleeping bag and go sleep on a picnic table that is at least 3 feet off the ground. Its like 5 feet from your current bed.

B, Use the money you saved on gas riding a bike and get a hotel. Its Nebraska , how much can they be? Maybe you could split the costs and share a room with the guy in the pink shirt. He looks lonely.

and finally

C. Dude you are on the ground! Should I call suicide hotline? You see how bad these people drive during the day when they are awake. What about when they are tired ? Don't you realize that someone who is sleep driving , will not see the bike , pull in and park right on top of  you?

I'm going to try and get some sleep now. Maybe super driver will let me drive a few hours tomorrow.And yes,even though he is asleep, his hands are still on the steering wheel.

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